Review: I Am Famous

I Am FamousThank you to Barbara at Blue Slip Media for sending me this book! All opinions are my own!

If you have kids or know anyone who has kids or have seen anyone in public around kids, you understand how . . . overzealous we can get with taking pictures sometimes! I Am Famous┬áis an adorable picture book that looks at that situation from a child’s point of view, and it is so wonderful!

Kiely knows without a doubt that she is famous. People follow her ALL THE TIME with their cameras. Those darn paparazzi! She loves it, but being famous can be tiring. When she has a big performance at her grandfather’s birthday party, she makes a mistake and is worried that she might lose her fans forever. (Spoiler alert: She doesn’t!)

I so loved this book, and believe it or not, both of my sons did too! (They are ages 6 and 9.) The illustrations are so good, and the story is very cute. I loved seeing what it might look like from a child’s perspective to have someone following you around all the time taking pictures, whether you want them to or not.

I definitely recommend this book for young readers, and it would make a fantastic book gift for anyone with a child as sassy and wonderful as Kiely!


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