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It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it?
Anne of Green Gables

Hi! I’m Sara. I love to read. A lot. I was the kid sneaking books way past my bedtime and being found in the morning by my parents, asleep, with an open book and a flashlight on top of me. I started this blog because I love to talk about books (sometimes just to myself) and I wanted to add to the online community I’ve discovered of fellow book lovers.

On my blog you’ll find book reviews, book suggestions, what I’m reading, what my kids are reading, book lists, and, hopefully, lively discussions about all of these books and ideas.

When I’m not reading, I’m usually in my own little Green Gables, married to my Gilbert Blythe (who’s name has been changed to David), playing with our two boys, or adding to my Save for Later list on Amazon and at the library.

I’m so glad you found me here! Let’s get reading!


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