What My Kids Are Reading: June 30, 2017

The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton   Jungle: A Photicular Book   Who Was Dr. Seuss?

The 6-Year-Old
Jungle: A Photicular Book

This book is just plain cool. I won’t lie-the words are too difficult for my 6-year-old to read, so I help him with that part. But the pictures are all photicular, so you can see the animals “moving” while you read about them. And the information itself is really interesting! There is also a Safari photicular book that I’ll be on the lookout for.

The 8-Year-Old
The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton

I heard about this book on The Read Loud Revival podcast when Sarah Mackenzie interviewed the book’s adapter, Nancy Carpentier Brown. When I heard the story of how the book came to be, I knew it would be added to our collection. This is an adaptation of four of G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown mysteries. (I believe it’s also a show on the BBC, re-aired on PBS in the States.) Brown wanted to share Chesterton’s mysteries with her kids, but they aren’t exactly appropriate for small children. There wasn’t an adaptation available, so she did it herself! How awesome is that? This book is a perfect way to get kids into mysteries. The stories are great, they’re very readable, and they’re fun to read aloud. She’s also adapted other Chesterton stories into books for kids!

What We’re Reading Together
Who Was Dr. Seuss?

We love the Who Was series, and lately my kids have been very interested in who Dr. Seuss actually was. (I’m pretty sure they thought he was an imaginary character along with the Cat in the Hat.) He led a very interesting life, and I love that my kids want to know more about who wrote some of their favorite books, and how he did that.


What did you and your kids read this week?

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