Blog Tour: Duck and Hippo: The Secret Valentine

Thank you to Blue Slip Media and Two Lions for the free copy of Duck and Hippo The Secret Valentine All opinions are my own!

You all know I love seasonal books, and Valentine’s Day can be a TOUGH one to find good new books for! I love to read holiday-specific books to my kids, but with two boys, they can be a tough crowd. However, they both sat down and listened to this one the whole way through, and we all loved it!

Duck and Hippo The Secret Valentine is about . . . well, Duck and Hippo, and their friends Pig, Elephant, and Turtle, and a secret Valentine who’s hopping around town delivering mystery cards! All the animals are excited to find out who their Valentine is (and they think they have an idea), but when they all meet at the same spot at the same time, there’s an even bigger surprise.

This book is so cute, and the illustrations are really fun. (I don’t know about yours, but my kids love to find all the little details and secrets that illustrators often add in!) This is a really solid addition for a Valentine’s Day book collection, and I’m so glad it’s in ours!


Your kids (or you-let’s be honest, this looks really fun) can learn how to draw Duck and Hippo on illustrator Andrew Joyner’s website! just click HERE to find all kinds of easy and fun drawing tutorials!

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