What My Kids Are Reading: August 4, 2017

The 26-Story Treehouse The Emperor’s Ostrich The Force Oversleeps (Star Wars: Jedi Academy 5)

Thank you to Kid Lit Exchange for the review copy of the The Emperor’s Ostrich!

We are deep in the land of sequels this week, with one book that is new to all of us!

The 6-Year-Old
The 26-Story Treehouse

Andy and Terry are back in the second book in the Treehouse series! My 6-year-old read The 13-Story Treehouse over and over again, and begged me for the next book in the series. And you know I can’t say no to a book. The best friends have added 13 more stories to their treehouse, and are yet again up against a short timeline to finish their next book. This time it’s about how Andy and Terry met, and the story gets interrupted over and over again by the wild and crazy things that happen in their treehouse. These books are so much fun, and anything that gets my kid this excited about a book series is ok with me! I would buy this again, and I’m sure you’ll see the third book in the series in another blog post very soon.

The 8-Year-Old
The Force Oversleeps (Star Wars: Jedi Academy 5)

This is the 5th book in the Jedi Academy series, and my 8-year-old can’t get enough. He declared that this is “the best one ever,” stayed up (secretly) way past his bedtime to read it, and read it almost twice through in two days. If you have a Stars Wars fan in your house, this series is for them! In The Force Oversleeps, Victor Starspeeder (from the 4th book in the series, A New Class) is back, and he has to deal with all the regular trappings of school. Well, a school that trains Jedis. The new kid gets the lead in the play instead of Victor, he keeps oversleeping, and he thinks his sister might be a Sith! This series is great for elementary and middle grades, and my 8-year-old already can’t wait for the next book!

What We’re Reading Together
The Emperor’s Ostrich

This is a book that is completely new to me. I found it as a reviewer for the Kid Lit Exchange (Check us out on Instagram!), and was so intrigued by the description that I immediately requested it for review. It is a fantasy for middle grade readers about a dairymaid named Begonia, an emperor, and an ostrich. Begonia is searching for her missing cow with a magical map, but she runs into more than just a little magic along the way. I love fantasy and books that have original plots, so I’m excited to share this with my kids. We’ve just started it, so I’ll wait until next week to post a full review!

What are you reading with your kids this week? Let me know if you’ve read any of these!

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