What My Kids Are Reading 5/12/17


The 6-Year-Old

From the publisher: “An early reader based on the animated LEGO(R) Batman Movie(TM) starring Batman(TM) and Robin(TM)! When Bruce Wayne(TM) adopts Dick Grayson(TM), Dick discovers that “Bruce Wayne is . . . Batman’s roommate!” Now Batman wants this special kid’s help on a brand new mission to take down the Joker(TM). Featuring special appearances from Alfred, Superman(TM), and more. Includes full-color images from the film, plus a full sheet of stickers!”

I know this isn’t some great piece of kidlet literature, but . . . it’s fun! My kids love all things Lego, including the Lego Batman movie, and this is a fun book. It’s silly, and the words are longer but easy enough for my 6-year-old to sound out on his own. I really like all the leveled readers as well, because it takes the guesswork out of which books will be challenging and which books will just be frustrating for new readers.


The 8-Year-Old

From the publisher: “Fish-tory comes to life with two more fin-tastic stories featuring our favorite zombie goldfish Frankie from New York Times-bestselling author Mo O’Hara. When Tom and his best friend rescued Frankie the goldfish from his evil-scientist big brother’s toxic gunge their new pet came back as a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH. Frankie is good at saving the day, but can he become a real knight in shining armor during the medieval day reenactment joust? Then, can the school survive two BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH? Find out when Tom’s evil big brother manages to clone a Jurassic Carp!”

This is one of those series that doesn’t necessarily appeal to me (as a reader, not as a parent) but clearly appeals to every other kid out there. My 8-year-old is no exception. He thinks these books are weird and funny and he also wishes that we could have a zombie goldfish. Definitely check this book out (the newest in the series) if your kid is looking for something different to read!

What We’re Reading Together

Well, this week is the first week that I don’t have any new book updates in what we’re reading together! We are still working through Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (which is . . . weirder than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and have been reading Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel over and over! It’s just one of those weeks where they want me to read the same books, and I love that. Dragons Love Tacos is a great read-aloud book too, so I’m happy to read it over and over. (Although we all want tacos for dinner every night now!)

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