Bucket List Book Club: Castle of Water

Castle of Water

Alright, friends! Book two for the Bucket List Book Club is here! For March I chose Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge from my unread shelf for our buddy read. I picked this one because it’s been sitting on my shelf since last year and it’s a quick read. Not to mention the stellar reviews I’ve been reading about it everywhere!

Two people, strangers to each other, survive a plane crash in the South Pacific. They must learn to survive together on a small island and, you know, actually get to know each other.

I am so, so excited to finally read this book! If you want to join in, we’ll be reading it throughout the month of March, with a discussion in early April. (If you’re interested, our discussion of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn will be this Sunday, March 4, at 2PM CST on my Instagram page!)

You can also follow the hashtag #bucketlistbookclub on Instagram to see other people’s posts as we read Castle of Water.

I’ll post my review here when I’m finished, and you can also use the comments section on that post, and this one, to discuss it.

Happy reading!

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