Bucket List Book Club

Welcome to the Bucket List Book Club! I decided to start the Bucket List Book Club as a way to work through my own unread books, inspired by Whitney at The Unread Shelf. You know, those books you buy will high hopes and the best of intentions that sit on your shelf for years . . . unread. Whitney started the Unread Shelf Project on Instagram/bookstagram, and I very happily joined in. When I got a few messages from other people wanting to read the same books from my unread shelf as me, I thought it might be fun to read them together. (And to be honest, a more fun way to “force” ourselves to read these books!)

This isn’t meant to be a super serious book club, just a way to be more intentional about reading those bucket list books. I’m going to choose some from my own shelves, but I also want to know what books YOU want to add to this club! Join in when you want or just follow along. It’s meant to be fun!

I will keep a list here of all of the books we’re reading, posts related to those books, and any extra reading material I find.

You can also follow along on my Instagram account, @texasgirlreads, where I will be posting discussions about the books, or follow #bucketlistbookclub on Instagram.

I’m so excited for us to knock a few of these books off our shelves together!

Start Here
The Unread Shelf Project/Bucket List Book Club

First Book: January 31-March 1

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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